N. Houston Rosslyn Facility (Houston, Texas)

  • API 6A-1470
  • API 16A-0358
  • API  16C-0244
  • API ISO 9001:2015  ISO-1828
  • API Spec Q1  Q1-1680

Jackrabbit Rd. Facility (Houston, Texas) 

  • API 16D-0007
  • API ISO 9001:2015  ISO-2359
  • API Spec Q1  Q1-2263
  • ISNetworld 400-188558

Houma Facility (Houma, Louisiana)

  • API 6A-1359
  • API 16A-0314
  • API 16C-0208
  • API ISO 9001:2015  ISO-1685
  • API Spec Q1  Q1-1524



API 6A equipment includes valves, chokes, flanged connectors, tees, crosses, adapter and spacer spools.
API 16A equipment includes annular and ram BOPs, hydraulic connectors, loose connectors, adapters, drilling spools, ram blocks, packers and top seals.
API 16C equipment includes choke and kill manifold assemblies.
API 16D equipment includes auxiliary equipment control systems and interfaces, control systems for surface mounted BOP stacks, diverter control systems, electro-hydraulic/multiplex control systems for subsea BOP stacks and emergency backup BOP control systems.
API Spec Q1, and ISO 9001:2015 is the quality management systems requirements, specification for quality programs and sector-specific quality management systems for registration design, manufacture, repair and remanufacture of wellhead and drill through equipment and choke and kill systems.
Apave Certification contributes to the implementation of a process of continuous improvement which will have the effect of controlling and reducing malfunctions and increasing efficiency of the organizations in which they certify.

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